Contact Us, Maybe? Since many universities give prospective students

Contact Us, Maybe? Since many universities give prospective students direct access to their admission representatives (USC included), many more students have taken taken advantage of this opportunity. However, take into account that the act of calling your admission counselor is its art that is own form. There’s a balance between being genuinely wondering. Here are a few tips to start thinking about when calling your territory manager:

DO call us if you are confused about our application procedure and require some guidance.

DON’T email us just to say hi. Your email should have a purpose.

DO contact us when you yourself have a relevant question of a specific major. USC has 150 majors and 150 minors; having the ability to demonstrate your knowledge and desire for your scholastic interest is one thing we appreciate, but we also know many choices could be confusing.

DON’T over-communicate…CONSOLIDATE! We might rather answer a couple of well thought out emails than numerous individual concerns.

DO remind us if and when we’ve met in days gone by. We meet several thousand students each and appreciate when students don’t assume we remember the conversation we had with them year.

DON’T have your parent e mail us. Be your very own advocate!

DO compose us an email if there is an outlying circumstance you want us to be aware of. This is something that we shall factor in your application aswell.

DON’T address us incorrectly or improperly in the email.

DO include your USC ID n (more…)

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Senior Slump? Snap Out from It! We all know you have got worked very hard over the last few years

Senior Slump? Snap Out from It! We all know you have got worked very hard over the last few years taking all of those challenging courses, getting taking part in numerous extracurriculars, taking on leadership positions, etc. And, you’re certainly working very difficult now on your college applications. You may feel very tempted to put your school work off in support of other, more exciting possibilities (senior ditch time, anybody?) But trust us, now’s maybe not the right time to slack off. You attended this far, and you want to ensure that you complete strong. And not simply for your own comfort of mind, though we do hope you’ve got your own internal motivations. Realistically, though, what’s going to probably motivate you most to keep those senior year grades up is a little one thing called the Mid-Year Report.

The Mid-Year Report is a very Common form that must be submitted by your therapist after very first semester senior year grades become available. Our workplace takes these grades under consideration, and expects that the trend in your grades will continue. That means that when you had been earning grades that are high, there isn’t any explanation those As shouldn’t be reflected on your Mid-Year Report.

And while we’re in the topic, senioritis isn’t an excuse to allow your second-semester senior year grades slip, either. We are going to be delivered a transcript that is final your high school, and certainly will make sure that those grades are intact, too (more…)

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