Indonesian Bridal Makeup: Extravagant Tradition with a Modern Twist

Indonesian Bridal Makeup: Extravagant Tradition with a Modern Twist

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Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Indonesian weddings, i am going to focus on a quick introduction to Indonesian wedding culture, and then we’ll go towards the makeup products part.

The intro that is short the Indonesian Weddings

While i will be completely conscious that Indonesia comprises of a wide variety of conventional countries, it is still safe to state that Indonesian weddings tend become regarding the extravagant side. Weddings are believed an as soon as in a very long time occasion in which you’re permitted to splurge and stay queen for every single day. Frequently financed and held by the moms and dads associated with the bride, consequently mostly translated and held for the prestige associated with bride’s family members. If they’re a well-off upper-middle-class household, the invite list could effortlessly reach the thousands and will also be held in an enormous function space.

You will have at the least two ceremonies:

The Akad Nikah

The marriage ceremony it self, often its held into the bride’s home, or perhaps in a spiritual spot (mosque or church). (more…)

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