Two-Year Research Leads to Super Bowl Party Raid

It’s really a Definite time that is maybe next Christie on Web Gambling for New Jersey

Saying ‘now is the time for our state to move forward, again leading the way for the world, by becoming one associated with the first states to permit Internet gaming,’ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ironically once again this week vetoed his state’s latest draft of A internet gambling statute. Citing concerns over gambling tax income rates being set too low, as well as over transparency problems for companies seeking online gambling licensure, Christie nonetheless revealed a glimmer of a cure for passing of revised versions of the bill to come, perhaps as early as March.

Both State Sen. Raymond Lesniak and State Assemblyman John Amodeo were encouraged by Christie’s wording in vetoing the bill, noting that ‘the governor’s concerns can easily be addressed’ with a newly worded measure.

At risk are huge amount of money in potential income, specially key in a state whose brick-and-mortar casinos took a hit that is heavy 12 months, at least in part due to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Also impacting brand New Jersey’s ailing land casino market is competition that is hard-hitting gambling-friendly neighboring states like Pennsylvania and New York. Revenues have now been dropping steadily since 2006, and hit a low of just over $3 billion year that is last a 2006 total of $5.2 billion.

Perhaps smelling blood from the veto action, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval quickly squeezed his state’s lawmak (more…)

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Yorkshire Guy Named UK and Ireland On-line Poker Number 1

Online Poker In California Looking Up For 2013

Along with its significant population of more than 37 million, and a brick-and-mortar poker space presence up and down the state that supports its many poker aficionados, it may appear surprising how difficult it has been to get an intrastate online poker bill moving ahead towards passage in the Golden State. In reality, Ca is considered perhaps the state that is only sufficient intrastate poker players to support a state-only online play potential, in the place of other states (including Nevada and Delaware) that will probably need interstate games established to give them enough of a player base to help their online industry.

But difficult it offers been, nonetheless. That hasn’t stopped California State Sen. Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) from continuing to push for legalizing intrastate online poker, nonetheless; most recently in the form of his SB that is proposed 51 Gambling measure, also known as the world wide web Gambling Consumer Protection and Public-Private Partnership Act of 2013, that will allow for poker, and only poker, to be managed in online play in Ca.

Just What’s New For Californian On The Web Poker This Time?

What’s different these times from past failed attempts to maneuver measures that are such the State Assembly? According to Wright, who discussed the bill at the recent 2013 National Conference of Legislators from Gaming States, it’s that finally many more tribes that are indian well as other brick-and- (more…)

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